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We offer solutions for the sustainability of your company due to the Covid-19 attack. Now we need to digitize individually before institutionalizing. In this regard, our company provides remote support and assistance to the problems of your personnel.

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Computer Remote Support and Assistance Service at Home

We now have to work from home with our computers or notebooks. The personnel of your company, association, foundation work from home. However, they need support with problems related to computer problems while working at home. These problems can be solved in a short time with our expert staff. In addition, the lack of information they need can be eliminated.

Would you like to have information about the solutions to the problems that arise while your staff or you are working with your computer?

Would you like to work with your company remotely? Do you want support about the problems in the programs you use?

How Do We Offer Remote Solutions?

If you have computer-related problems, first contact us.

Please contact us at 0 532 4005207 mobile phone number or 0 224 4435545 phone number of our company or Whatsapp Line.

Please inform us about your problem. If we indicate that we can assist you with your issue:

You need to send our support fee to our bank account number. You can learn our bank account numbers here.

After making your payment, you need to download the Remote Support Program. After downloading the program, you must accept the disclaimer on the screen after running it and mark yes to the questions.

If you send us the ID and password that appear on the screen, our specialist will connect to your computer remotely and solve your problems.

Remote Support


We can solve your computer problems over the phone.

  • Telephone Remote Assistance

  • No Time Limitation.

  • Redial Possibility

  • Remote Telephone Solution

  • Money Back Guarantee

Per Phone Call
10.00 USD
Our prices include VAT.


We can solve problems on your computer by connecting.

  • Remote Assistance by Connection

  • No Time Limitation.

  • Reconnection Possibility

  • Connection Record Retrieved

  • Money Back Guarantee

Per Connection
30.00 USD
Our prices include VAT.