SanDisk 480Gb. SSD Plus Gaming Disk Sata disk storage technologies and trusted SanDisk SSD Plus deliver improved speed and performance.

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SanDisk 480Gb. SSD Plus Gaming Solid State Drive

SanDisk SSD Plus 480Gb. Gaming Disk Sata disk storage technologies and trusted SanDisk SSD Plus deliver improved speed and performance. You enjoy faster startups, shutdowns, data transfers and application response times from a hard disk drive. SanDisk SSD also offers quiet, reliable performance monitoring for your favorite media applications.

Extend the Life of Your Laptop or Desktop Computer

Upgrade your PC with a fast, reliable Gaming SSD from a trusted worldwide brand. As a result, your old computer will boot faster and shut down. Most importantly, let the app start acting and feeling like a new machine with response times.

Faster Boot, Shutdown and App Response

Sequential read speeds of up to 545MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 450MB/s5 run up to 20x faster than a standard hard drive, resulting in better performance in everything you do.

Durable SSD Design

Instead of the mechanical platters in conventional hard drives, these SSDs use memory chips entirely. In other words, SanDisk SSD gaming discs have no moving parts. That’s why it’s designed to be shock and vibration resistant, helping to keep your data safe.

Ideal for Typical PC Workloads

Most importantly, SanDisk SSD PLUS improves serial write performance. It offers SLC cache making it the ideal storage solution for typical PC workloads such as web browsing, email, simple gaming, office productivity, and audio/video entertainment.


Model Number


Form Factor



480 Gb.


SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – SATA Rev. Backwards compatible with 2.0 (3GB/s).

Data Transfer

535MB/s Read and 445MB/s Write


SSD Plus


32 g.

Operating Temperature

0°C to 60°C

Dimensions (L x W x H)

100,5mm x 69,5mm x 7,0mm (2,5”)


Official distributor guaranteed. Limited 5 year warranty terms.



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