Computer Software Hardware and Electronics Ltd.Sti.

Our company was established on 28.04.1997 and we provide services to our customers’ information needs.

We provide domain registration (domain registration) and domain name hosting (web hosting) services through our Linux and Windows servers belonging to our company. We also provide domain name hosting and mail services on the web and mail servers of our company.

We maintain our customers’ application servers, web and mail servers and firewall management. It is the solution partner of network security, hardware and software products. Since we produce projects in a wide network structure, we can make your network and server setup configurations. We supply computer components and peripherals according to your needs.

We offer solutions by developing web site design and web applications. We can design websites and e-commerce sites in more than one software language, as we have mastered web design software languages. We analyze your websites and ensure that they are compatible with search engines. We can increase the value of your brand with internet advertisements.

We develop software and automation applications specific to your industry. We can develop software suitable for the communication protocols and services of the devices used in production.

As a result of the trainings we receive, we provide support on Information Security and Personal Data Protection Law. We secure your servers, firewalls and computers at work.

We provide continuous improvement in Information Technologies with the T-Shaped Marketer model.