ProData Bil.Yaz.Don.Ltd.Şti. All products offered for sale under the roof are under the guarantee of the brand they carry and the importer companies. The products we buy from our company are guaranteed for 2 years from the invoice date.

Situations Except User Error;

  • The product has been operated in dusty, humid environments, extremely hot, extremely cold and humid environments,
  • Deteriorated due to electrical faults and electrical network,
  • Product warranty labels are torn,
  • The product is physically challenged,
  • Product pins, connectors are damaged,
  • The update for another product has been installed,
  • The product has been tampered with, tried to be repaired,
  • The product has been used without complying with the terms of use specified in the manuals,
  • Improper packaging of the product,
  • Cracks and breaks in the product,
  • Playing or missing screws on the product,
  • Removing the label on the product,
  • Any dents, dents, scratches,
  • Malfunctions occurring during unhealthy transportation,
  • Damage to any part of the product,
  • Reverse insertion, breakage or damage to the connecting cables,
  • Changing the serial number, being unreadable,
  • Painting or staining any part of the product,
  • Attaching a non-removable label to the product or the remnants of the removed label,
  • Damages caused by natural disasters,
  • All kinds of problems caused by viruses,
  • Deleting the software installed in the product for a reason,
  • Installing wrong bios and Firmware on the product

In such cases, the product may be processed out of warranty by the authorized service. A product under warranty is processed according to the technical service procedures in the warranty conditions of the Brand or the Importer Company.