Samsung SSD 250Gb. Gaming Sata Disk is Samsung’s groundbreaking SSD technology, inherited from the 870 EVO. Its increased high-level performance and reliability draw attention. It brings a compatibility that meets the daily needs of everyone from content creators to IT professionals.

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The most preferred SSD in the world

The latest model in the world’s best-selling SSD series is the Samsung SSD 250 Gb. There is groundbreaking SSD technology on the Samsung 870 EVO. Improved performance and reliability. Therefore, its performance and reliability draw attention. After all, it is the disc that can meet everyone’s daily needs.

Amazing performance

The Samsung 870 EVO achieves sequential read-write speeds of 560/ 530 MB/s, the maximum limit values of the SATA interface. In other words, personal users can now enjoy professional-grade SSD performance.

The most important is the Intelligent TurboWrite technology with a larger variable buffer. This technology increases typing speed. As a result, it offers high performance for a long time.

Reliability that sets industry standards

The 870 EVO has a 5-year limited warranty up to 2,400 TBW. It therefore meets reliability standards. In addition, there is the latest 6th generation technology. It handles everyday computational operations.

For example, it performs the task of processing 8K video images. Samsung SSD drives feature VNAND technology and MKX Controller. So use it to ensure a stable server experience.

More compatible than ever

Samsung SSD 250Gb. 870 EVO is compatible with basic server systems including NAS and video recorders. In addition, it has passed the compatibility tests of these applications.

The Samsung SSD 870 EVO, a new addition to the world’s best-selling EVO series. After all, its proven versatility is compatible with any user system and task.


Model Number


Form Factor



250 Gb.


SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – SATA Rev. Backwards compatible with 2.0 (3GB/s).

Data Transfer

Up to 560MB/s Read and 530MB/s Write




45 g.

Operating Temperature


Dimensions (L x W x H)

100,0mm x 69,85mm x 6,8mm (2,5”)


Official distributor guaranteed. Limited 3 year warranty terms.



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